What We Do

Community Pantry

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 13 million children (1 in 6 every kids in America), may not know where they will get their next meal. Feeding America reported that 84% of households resort to buying cheapest food in order to provide enough to eat and 25% of children in families at risk of hunger may be forced to rely exclusively on hunger relief programs to make ends meet. Our program is partnering with public school systems in Howard County and Prince George’s County Maryland to sponsor Title I Schools by providing vulnerable families healthy access to food through our food rescue mission, wellness feeding program and community pantry food distribution. To date, we are distributing an average of 9000 lbs. of food each month and feeding over 350 households (~1000 individuals) each month.

Youth and Family Stability

With the coronavirus pandemic, our nation faces both an economic and health crisis that we’ve never seen before. Households are greatly affected due to loss of jobs, eviction, lost of loved ones, and food insecurity at levels not seen in a very long time. Through this program, we offer wrap around services for vulnerable parents and children to thrive during difficult times brought on by transitional events like divorce, separation, job lost or major medical illness. Since we launched in October, 2020, we have provided help for over 50 individuals and families, ten of those are still being closely monitored by our program.

Youth Volunteerism

We believe in empowering youth for the greater good. They have the ability to change the world beginning in missions like ending childhood hunger and homelessness in the school where they go or to their local communities where they live. As LindaBen (LB) Youth Volunteers, they will become part of a solution in ending hunger and poverty in our local communities. They will take part in advancing sustainable programs that help reduce food waste and restore balance both in land and marine stocks. Our LB Youth Volunteer positions are wide ranging; you may work in food rescue, help lead community pantries, be a language liaison, branding and marketing through social media, enhance youth engagement or many other areas. In return, our hope is to provide our youth volunteers with plenty of hands-on opportunities to lead, to be able give back, and be rewarded with an experience that will be remembered for the rest of their adult life. In few months, we have gathered 30 youth volunteers (40% of our volunteer workforce) to help us with our summer programs and beyond.

Community Outreach Partnership Programs

Connect with like-minded Individuals and Community-Based Organizations to share their own stories, insights, resources to provide assistance and inspire others to help and be a part of a solution in ending childhood hunger and childhood homelessness. To show how much we believe in collaboration with other nonprofit and local agencies, we have connected and partnered with more than 30 organizations in our first year alone!