LindaBen Foundation works hard to provide a variety of programs and services to help and benefit the vulnerable and at-risk population in Central Maryland. LindaBen accomplishes this through its own initiatives as well as partnering with many government institutions, schools, non-profit organizations, resources, and and volunteers. These programs and services include:

Community Pantry

Our Community Pantry partners with Howard County Schools and Prince George’s County, Maryland to provide hunger relief and healthy access to food for vulnerable families. Click Here to Learn More, Donate, or Volunteer

Youth and Family Stability

Our Youth and Family Stability program offers wrap around services for vulnerable parents and children effected by the loss of jobs and loved ones, eviction, transitional events, major medical illness and other difficult times. Click Here to Learn More, Donate, or Volunteer

Youth Volunteerism

LindaBen Foundation Youth Volunteers have the ability to change the world beginning in missions like ending childhood hunger and homelessness in their school and local communities where they live. Click Here to Learn More and Become a Youth Volunteer

Community Outreach

Connect with like-minded Individuals and Community-Based Organizations to share their own stories, insights, resources to provide assistance and inspire others to help and be a part of a solution in ending childhood hunger and childhood homelessness. Click Here to Learn More, Donate, or Volunteer

Partnership Programs

LindaBen Foundation has partnered with programs to provide food, supplies, and services to the vulnerable, for example the Capital Area Food Bank that helps our Community Pantry and Blessings in a Backpack that feeds school children. Click Here to Learn More, Apply, Donate, or Volunteer